“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

— Thomas Edison


If your business is named in a lawsuit, you need to formulate a plan of defense, based on sound business and legal judgment that addresses issues such as the following:

  • Do you have the appropriate business liability policy in place?
  • Do you have well-drafted company policies and procedures, including an employee handbook?
  • What is the best settlement you can achieve in this particular situation?

You need an attorney to speak for you to ensure you get the best possible results.  The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby have the experience and skill to successfully handle business litigation.  They take the time to know the details of your company and achieve the positive results you need.

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Civil Service and Municipal Employment

If you are a federal or municipal employee, your employment rights are handled differently than those for private employment.  You need a law firm that understands federal and municipal employment laws and knows how to deal with the federal and municipal agencies and, when necessary, handle litigations in the appropriate court system.
The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby know the laws and can protect the rights of civil service and municipal employees.

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Labor and Employment

Schwartz Manes Ruby are proficient in labor and employment litigation, whether you are initiating a lawsuit or defending against one.  They are highly experienced in litigating on many areas, including the following:

  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • Non-competition agreement violations
  • Wrongful termination

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Public Accommodation, Discrimination, and Wrongful Termination

A host of federal and state laws governs the prohibition of discrimination in public places.  Whether you are initiating a public accommodation discrimination lawsuit or defending against one, you need a law firm with thorough understanding of the federal and local laws. The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby are knowledgeable of both federal and local procedures that can help your case be handled fairly.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury covers an extensive list of damage that might be done directly to a person, a person’s property rights, or to reputation, including:

  • An accident at work
  • Injury in a traffic accident
  • Injury caused by a faulty product
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents

Additionally, a person’s reputation can be damaged as a result of libel or slander, or there may be psychological damages caused by the incident.  Damages can include the costs of treatment, as well as punitive considerations.

Whether you are an injured party or defending yourself in a personal injury case, you can trust the attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby to determine the validity of any personal injury case and handle the litigation when appropriate.

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Our attorneys seek comprehensive solutions to breach of contract litigation.  We engage in mediation and settlement to enforce the terms of an agreement when possible.  In other cases, where another business has failed to live up to the terms of the contract, we seek legal remedy through courtroom litigation. 

We also assist businesses in litigation upholding the validity of legal contracts.  Based on whether your contract was oral or written, the enforcement of the terms may be called into question.  A consultation with an attorney at our firm can guide you toward a swift resolution of your legal issue—allowing you to get on with your day-to-day business operations.

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Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

When you believe that your trade secrets have been leaked or intellectual property has been misused, the attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby can help you take action.  We protect your legal rights through various legal channels and employ the expertise of financial accountants, expert witnesses, and other industry professionals to help you substantiate your claim.  We are skilled trial lawyers who explore every avenue of legal remedy to help you protect your business interests.

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