“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

— Thomas Edison

Information Technology   

Every company relies on the Internet and other information technologies.  Your company may work in the field of technology, for example in software development.  On the other hand, your relationship with the Internet may be less formal—you use the Internet for research, and you probably have your own web site.  No matter how extensively you are connected with the Internet, many legal issues can arise:

  • Ensuring the safety of ideas presented on your web page or in articles or white papers that you wrote for publication on a web site
  • Protecting your company’s Internet-based software products
  • Defending your company’s Internet domain name
  • Creating requests for proposals to search for technology, vendors, or developers to solve your technology issues
  • Entering into development agreements and other contracts with outside vendors
  • Developing strong non-compete and non-disclosure agreements for your employees and outside vendors

The firm handles the following Information Technology areas:

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