“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

— Thomas Edison

Trademark and Service Mark

Trademarks and service marks protect your goods or services by associating them with an identifying mark.  To be legally protected, your mark must cause consumers to identify it with your company.  Further, one type of trademark or service mark might offer more protection than another might.

Because of its highly regarded skill in all areas of intellectual property (IP) law, Schwartz Manes Ruby has the resources needed to establish a trademark or service mark that carries strong identity with your company.  We can also protect that identity in the event that others attempt to use the same or similar marks.

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Trade Secret

A trade secrets designation protects many forms of your business’ proprietary information, including such items as the following:

  • Formulas used to make your product
  • Customer lists
  • Business plans
  • Specialized processes

It’s impossible to run a successful business without some or all of your employees intimately knowing your trade secrets.  You need to protect those secrets from the possibility that former employees will share them if they later join a competing company.

Schwartz Manes Ruby & Slovin will help you protect your trade secrets by drafting a strong, binding non-disclosure agreement to be signed by employees as they join your organization.  We also have a solid record of accomplishment in enforcing these agreements within the court system when needed.

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Copyrights are best known as protecting the author of a work by giving the author control over that work’s reproduction, distribution, and other forms of release to the public.  However, your employees may write articles and other materials that employers wish to control.

The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby can help ensure that all materials produced for the benefit of the employer's business are properly copyrighted under your company name and are protected against use by others.

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Trade Dress

The appearance of your product or its packaging can be protected against being used by others.  Even the building façade, such as that for a restaurant or a store, can be protected.  Trade dress must meet two basic requirements to qualify for protection:

  • It must be inherently distinctive, meaning it must be capable of identifying the product and its maker to consumers.
  • It also must be nonfunctional to avoid being a patent law issue.

Meeting these requirements is not as simple as it might appear.  You need a law firm with a strong understanding of the details of trade dress requirements to protect your product’s association with your company.  Schwartz Manes Ruby & Slovin has the depth of knowledge and experience you need to identify your product with your company.  And, they know how to protect your interests in court if your protected trade dress is copied by other businesses.

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IP Litigation

Legally protecting your intellectual property (IP) is an important first step in retaining your strong company identity and ensuring that your products, processes, and other secrets are safe.  However, if your protected intellectual property is pirated, you may wish to consider litigation.  You need a law firm that understands the details of each type of IP protection to stop the theft and help you obtain all remedies for your losses.

Schwartz Manes Ruby has extensive experience in this highly specialized field of the law.  We know how to formulate the strongest case and present it in court to protect your IP interests.

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