“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

— Thomas Edison

Business Formation

The best time to plan for the complexities of running a health care business is before you open your doors for business.  The health care law attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby can help you get the best start by establishing a detailed plan covering all the complexities of the industry, including the following:

  • Deciding whether to incorporate or form a limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • Identifying and preparing the business licenses and permits needed for compliance with federal, state, and local laws
  • Preparing employment contracts for the professionals who will join your organization
  • Preparing provider contracts for your vendors
  • Preparing agreements addressing ownership issues
  • Creating corporate compliance plans to address regulatory issues

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Consolidations, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures

The SMR&S Health Care Law Practice Group can help you expand your business or transition your business through a consolidation, merger, acquisition sale, or joint venture.

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Regulatory Compliance

The SMR&S Health Care Law Practice Group has the knowledge to help your organization stay on top of all health care regulatory issues, including the following:

  • Creating corporate compliance programs
  • Consulting on HIPAA compliance issues
  • Advising on Stark and fraud and abuse issues
  • Advising on Medicare/Medicaid issues
  • Advising on COBRA and FMLA issues

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Asset Protection

Many strategies exist for protecting your organization’s assets, but you need experienced counsel who can evaluate which will work best for your specific situation.  The SMR Health Care Law Practice Group understands the details of protecting health care business assets, including the following:

  • The best structure for your business
  • The legal strategies that will best protect your assets
  • How to implement the strategies for continued protection
  • Transitioning your business

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Human Resource Issues (HIPAA, COBRA, and FMLA)

Employers in health care businesses must be in compliance with human resource requirements.  Being in the health care industry, however, you are subject to specialized issues in this highly regulated field.  The SMR Health Care Law Practice Group can make sure that you comply with the following issues:

  • Advising on HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, and other benefit issues
  • Negotiating employment agreement and service contracts
  • Advising on employee pension, benefit, and labor issues

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Payor Relationships

Your ability to receive payment for your services is critical to your survival as a business.  The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby are experienced in negotiating payor agreements and dealing with issues that come up under the contract.

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Tax Exemption

If you run a not-for-profit health care organization, tax law is one of the most complex regulatory areas that you will face in managing your health care business.  You need a law firm that understands the tax law objectives and how they can conflict with your business goals and patient care objectives.

The SMR Health Care Law Practice Group's attorneys understand the complex and ever-changing tax codes and have experience working with the taxing authorities.  They will help you plan every aspect of your business in compliance with your tax-exempt status.

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