“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.”

— Thomas Edison


A will is a written document that expresses what a person wants done with his or her property after death.  You also nominate individuals to be the guardian of your minor children. If a person dies without a will, state law determines the distribution of property.

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Similar in purpose to a will, a trust allows you to transfer legal title of your property, but the title transfers to another person (or to yourself as trustee) to hold for the benefit of the beneficiary. 

During your lifetime, you will be this beneficiary, so funding your trust during your lifetime also allows your Trustee to manage your financial assets if you become incapacitated. With a trust, the transfer of property can be done without the need and expense of probate.

The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby have the experience and knowledge to advise you whether to use a trust rather than a will to ensure that your property is transferred in the most effective manner possible and to protect you if you become disabled.

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Powers of Attorney

If you are unable to manage your own financial, legal, or health matters for yourself, you need a power of attorney.  This document allows you to choose a person or organization you trust to handle these critical matters for you.

You should also consider asking your children before they head off to college to prepare a financial and a health care power of attorney, so you can assist them if they become ill or the subject of identity theft. Without these documents, you have no legal authority to receive information.

The attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby are well versed in the different types of powers of attorney.  We can help you set up the powers of attorney that are most appropriate for your situation.

Here are just a few questions we can help answer:

  • Do you need a power of attorney set up for a specific event, such as the purchase or sale of property for yourself or for your company?
  • Would one person or organization be appropriate for all your personal needs?
  • Does your situation require that several people or organizations be assigned powers of attorney for specific areas of your life?

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Wealth Preservation and Planning

You worked hard to acquire your assets, and you need qualified representatives like the attorneys at Schwartz Manes Ruby to help you protect them.  We can help you legally protect your assets in many ways:

  • Determine an accurate value of your estate
  • Ensure that assets are protected against excessive taxation
  • Provide creditor protection planning

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A guardian is an individual appointed by the local probate court to be legally responsible for the care of an incompetent person or a minor child and the management of the person’s property.  Schwartz Manes Ruby & Slovin can help you with:

  • Guide you through the legal process of appointing a guardian, when needed.
  • Advise guardians about their responsibilities under the law.

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HIPAA Releases

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects the privacy of your health information.  There are times, however, when you want others to be involved with you in your care.  A HIPAA release allows your health care providers to share your medical information with those individuals you have identified.

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Living Wills/Health Care Powers of Attorney

Coming soon

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